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Welcome To Revtronic!

We are a team of professional service engineers working from a purpose built , state of the art workshop in West Yorkshire , UK. Having the latest digital diagnostic technology for motor vehicle programming , coding and diagnostics with over 18 years experience in the automotive industry.

What We Do?

A solution will be found to repair your instrument cluster , airbag ecu , navigation infact most electronic modules fitted to your car. Normally a dealer would recommend a replacement , with Revtronic we will find a solution.

Component level repairs to car electronic modules , saving you from replacing your module.

More Services To Offer!

With more services to offer you, we cannot be beaten ! If you have a special requirement and cannot find the solution, then maybe we can help. Just check our comprehensive list of vehicles currently supported. Jobs can be arranged to be done while you wait if you arrange an appointment. . All work is carried out in house, we do not outsource our jobs to anybody else.

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Cluster/Pixel       Repairs

We stock all necessary components, including replacement screens and ribbon cables. Normally your mileage reading, temperature display and on board vehicle data is not visible. Your car settings including the mileage remain unchanged.


Navigation Drive Repairs

Not reading discs correctly ,Taking a long time to load maps ,Makes a noise trying to read, Disc error messages, Slow function and map searching ,Please wait …… ,Error loading DVD. Revtronic can successfully repair this , using quality components we will rebuild your unit and fit a brand new laser assembly.


BHP Performance Tuning

The latest OBD technology is used to enhance the performance of your car. Performance, torque, BHP and fuel economy can be increased.

  • Turbo Diesel 25-40 bhp increase
  • Turbo Petrol 25-35 bhp increase


Airbag ECU Crash Data Repair

Airbag ECU Crash Data Repair Best Service, Best Price. If your car airbag system has the following syptoms : If your airbags deployed, If your airbag light is flashing? If your diagnostic tool is reading CRASH DATA STORED or ECU ERROR. This is were Revtronic come in, we can fix almost anything wrong with your airbag system.


Navigation/Radio Decoding

We can decode almost any car radio or navigation unit. If your car battery went flat and you can’t find your radio security code then using the latest technology we can recover your code.



After a while the DPF will block completely, thus not giving any chance to regenerate  limit the RPM to less than 3000 and will not allow you to drive very far. Your DPF can be reprogrammed and deleted diagnostically directly to the ECU.


Dealer Level Diagnostics

The latest OBD technology is used to diagnose and identify fault codes on your car. Using dealer level tools module programming , coding, and retrofitting is possible.



We have a Online Store which you can buy our products from. We have items in categories such as electronic products, hardware tools and tuning files etc.


International Cover


  • UPS signed for express next day delivery.
  • Track and trace online.
  • UPS will attempt to deliver again, just in case they miss you.

12 Months



  • For your peace of mind we guarantee all our repair work for 12 Months. (Unless otherwise stated).
  • All repairs are tested according to the manufacturers test procedures.


After completion


  • We will inspect your item and repair it.
  • Once we are satisfied and tested your unit, only then will we call you for payment, (Provided you did not do a “Buy It Now”.




  • We will try our best to inspect and notify you on the progress of your repair.
  • Most times if we get your item in the morning, we will aim to have it repaired and delivered back to you as fast as possible. (parts and payment permitting)


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