VOLVO V70 cluster repair also C70, S60 , S80 V70 Intsrument Panel Repair

Volvo V70 , C70 Instrument Cluster Clock Repair for Dead or Flickering or Intermittent Power

VOLVO V70 cluster repair


Most Volvo V70 or C70 or similar models with the same instrument cluster will start to suffer from many problems inlcuding :

  • Volvo dead instrument cluster
  • Volvo intermittent power
  • Volvo flickering
  • Volvo instrument cluster
  • Volvo lights not working
  • Volvo no power to clocks
  • VOLVO V70 cluster repair

These are the most common problems that Volvo drivers suffer from.

You may have other similar dashboard related problems which we should be able to fix.

Your dashboard instrument cluster panel will be professionaly repaired and tested by our qualified technicians.
We will ensure that your instrument cluster panel is repaired to the highest standard using approved components with a greater tolerance level.
Your original mileage , VIN , and all other important settings will remain the same.
Dont forget to download the repair form , fill and print it out and send send along with your instrument cluster.
If you are not sure on how to remove your cluster , please consult an authorised garage who will be able to assist you with the removal.
VOLVO V70 cluster repair


Please Note !

VOLVO V70 cluster repair also C70, S60 , S80 V70 Intsrument Panel Repair - Before these clusters fail , the SRS airbag warning comes on. When you get your repaired unit back you will have to get the light reset by a garage with a suitable Volvo tool. 


We Can…..

VOLVO V70 cluster repair also C70, S60 , S80 V70 Intsrument Panel Repair –  If you book your vehicle in at our workshop ,we can for a small extra fee removerepair , refit , fully test and also clear any diagnostic errors including the airbag SRS.

Step 1

Carefuly remove your unit from your vehicle, if you are not sure then please call the office and maybe we can help you , or take it to your local workshop.

Step 2

Please don’t forget to fill in repair form, then print the repair form and send it along with your item to our workshop address. This is very important and enables us to quickly track your unit.

Step 3

Securely pack your item , using the correct box so that your unit cannot be damaged in transit. Take special care when packing , covering LCD screens , remove and put the navigation disc in a cover and send along with your item.

Step 4

Wait for our call , once we receive your unit we will inspect and repair your unit and after thorough testing we will call you for payment. (We always try our best to turnround repairs within 2-3 working days.)